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Weather forecasts for thousands of European and American villages/towns/cities.

Just type your location in the box.

As you start to type a drop-down list of choices should appear. Select your location and press enter or click the "Get forecast >" button.

You can also browse a list of locations in each region by clicking on the "Forecast location browse" links at the bottom of this page.

You can enter a UK postcode (the first part will do).

If you're off the map(!) you can input the latitude/longitude numerically, separated by a comma eg "51.23N, 1.14W", or "45, -4.23".

Once your 7 day forecast is displayed, move the cursor over each day for a detailed 3 hourly breakdown.

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The data for these forecasts come from the GFS (Global Forecast System) atmospheric model.

More details about this weather model can be found here.

This weather model is widely used around the world by meteorologists for many different forecasts. It is run four times a day. interprets the latest model data for your location and presents the forecast weather symbols and values you see here.

This depends on several factors including:

  • The type of weather situation in the region. Longer range forecasts of "stable" weather conditions are often more confident than forecasts of volatile conditions.
  • The level of accuracy required.
  • The location. Areas where the geography changes rapidly (e.g. coastal/mountain regions) are resolved less well by weather forecast models.

As a general guide, confidence falls gradually so a 5 day forecast is less accurate than a 3 day forecast. By 7 days the forecasts are low confidence for detail, offer basic guidance only and are subject to significant swings in the forecast as new computer models runs become available.

Clear Clear Clear: no precipitation or cloud
Fine Fine Fine: dry with up to 25% cloud cover
Partly cloudy Partly cloudy Partly cloudy: dry with up to 65% cloud cover
Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy: dry with 65% to 90% cloud cover
Overcast Overcast Overcast: dry with over 90% cloud cover
Light shower Light shower Light showers: up to 3mm of rain in previous 3 hours
Moderate rain Moderate rain Moderate showers: up to 8mm of rain in previous 3 hours
Heavy shower Heavy shower Heavy showers: over 8mm of rain in previous 3 hours
Light rain Light rain Light rain: up to 3mm of rain in previous 3 hours
Moderate rain Moderate rain Moderate rain: up to 8mm of rain in previous 3 hours
Heavy rain Heavy rain Heavy rain: over 8mm of rain in previous 3 hours
Moderate thunderstorm Moderate thunderstorm Moderate thunderstorms: with up to 8mm of rain
Heavy thunderstorm Heavy thunderstorm Heavy thunderstorms: with over 8mm of rain
Light snow Light snow Light snow: up to 1cm of snow per hour
Moderate snow Moderate snow Moderate snow: up to 3cm of snow per hour
Heavy snow Heavy snow Heavy snow: over 3cm of snow per hour